It’s all out there, waiting to be explored – from coves and beaches, to wildlife and nature, to incredible landscapes and scenery. 

Our guided explorations of the Salcombe Estuary will take you deep into this magical place, paddle by paddle.

But the real beauty of our Estuary Explorer experience is that you can set your own bespoke itinerary – based on your individual requirements, ability and desire to head for a certain spot along this beautiful stretch of water.

From our base at Port Waterhouse, within two hours you can paddleboard to Mill Bay, Sunny Cove, South Pool, Ox Bay or Goodshelter. 

En route, you can see old mills, lime kilns and the incredible curving landscapes of the South Hams. And in the sky and down at the waterline, you can see herons, egrets, buzzards, mullets and Egyptian geese. 

But perhaps the most unforgettable memory of all will be looking down into the clear, beautiful water of the Salcombe Estuary as you gently paddle by. 

Prices for the Estuary Explorer are based on your own bespoke itinerary.

Some locations can be subject to weather conditions and tides.